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Well hi! My name is Tess, I’m a graphic designer and illustrator working in Portland, Oregon. While the majority of my day is spent in Adobe, my preferred medium is really just a good pencil. If I’m painting it’s with watercolor, but I do love mixing media across the board. I like tiny details and pride myself on thoughtful design, though consequently I do struggle to embrace imperfection. Mostly, though, I care about the stuff I make. 

Some things about me!

You won’t find me on social media, (to the benefit of my mental and emotional health) so below are some snapshots that I think encapsulate me well.

Cats are my preferred companions, but my partner in crime isn’t half bad either. Sean and I have two furry ladies, Mojo and Gizzy, who are consistently the best parts of my day (though neither of which are that cat I’m smooching below...I just found her on the street). Together, we’ve got a pretty sweet little team goin’, highly recommend finding yourself a Sean and a couple of good cats. 

I have more allergies than I know what to do with, and am reliably thinking about my next meal at any given moment. If I'm not painting or doodling you can probably find me in the kitchen, impatiently waiting for something to rise or bake. In general, I think life is difficult enough–the least we can do is eat good food, love our pets, and try not to be so hard on ourselves and each other.


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